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Tile + Markers = Coaster

Tile + Markers = Coaster
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 2y - 10y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects

When we came across some tiles that were at a local home warehouse recycling center, I grabbed a handful with absolutely no idea what to do. When my daughter and I started experimenting by decorating the tiles with permanent markers, we were amazed at how beautiful they came out. These coasters are a simple (and gorgeous!) gift!

How We Did It

Tile + Markers = Coaster

I really imagined that decorating a tile would be a lot more complicated than this. But it turned out that permanent markers (used with adult supervision, of course!) was all that was needed!

Tile + Markers = Coaster

Even my two-year-old got into it. These tiles with pictures drawn by my children will be so special to grandma, teachers, and friends.

Tile + Markers = Coaster

We learned that drawing a black outline first really made the colors pop. Experimenting together and getting excited about a new project is such a great chance to bond. Even if it is just a craft, I love that we are talking, sharing opinions, and trusting each other. Crafting honestly brings us closer together...

Tile + Markers = Coaster

OK, I may have gotten pretty into this craft myself. I'm definitely going back to the recycling center for more tiles. Our family can't get enough of this craft! We love that we can personalize each tile and make each one a work of art.


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Do these tiles have a finish on them, or are they matte? Just wondering if a finish would cause the marker to not adhere to the tile. Thanks!

posted by: Kelli on 11.12.2013

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