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Toddler Science Experiment

Toddler Science Experiment
Messiness: Medium
Age Range: 2y - 5y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Nicole Duggan
159 Projects

Let your toddler become a scientist, practice fine motor skills, and play with water--all with this simple science activity!

How We Did It

Toddler Science Experiment

"Let's try to get all of the ice cubes into the blue bowl." "Which do you think will be easiest to move the ice cubes with?" "Let's try it and find out!" My toddler loves to play with water so this is the perfect activity for her. Before she even starts we've snuck in a little science by asking a question and making a prediction.

Toddler Science Experiment

Immediately she chose the the tongs to try first. She was really good with those and would have been happy to transfer all of the cubes with only those, so I said, "Let's try one of the spoons."

Toddler Science Experiment
The slotted spoon was fun and she commented on how cool it was that the water went through the holes.
Toddler Science Experiment

Finally, she tried the small spoon and that was really tricky. "Which one is easiest for you to move the ice with?" She decided the tongs were best for her (sneaking in a little more science by drawing a conclusion) and she enjoyed transferring the rest of the cubes and stirring the water. Want to do this activity inside? Put a shower curtain liner or towel underneath your bowls.


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My child and I completed Toddler Science Experiment.

posted by: soledad on 6.6.2014

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My child and I completed Toddler Science Experiment. It was his favorite!!

posted by: Missy on 4.26.2014

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