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Veggie Tops

Veggie Tops
Veggie Tops
Messiness: Medium
Age Range: 2y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects
I love when we try experiments and the result surprises me! Did you know veggies tops can continue to grow with a little bit of water? My daughter thought this was the most amazing thing to watch happen...and so did I!

How We Did It

Veggie Tops
To do this experiment we grabbed some root type veggies from the fridge.
Veggie Tops
I chopped off the bottom of each veggie and Emma added them to a shallow dish with a little water.
Veggie Tops
We had to refill our dish with water every other day and finally after much TLC (and about a week of patience) we had some sprouts!
Veggie Tops
And a week later they doubled in size! This was pretty exciting for my kids and we are continuing to watch them grow with each day.


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