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Washi Tape Ornaments

Washi Tape Ornaments
Messiness: Low

Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Lisa Hom
3 Projects
Now that the Christmas tree is up at our house, all the kids want to do is create more ornaments to hang up! Here is a fun, quick, and low-mess option that we did this weekend with washi tape. Washi tape is one of my favorite materials, so I was excited to find an excuse to buy some new rolls.

How We Did It

Washi Tape Ornaments
The kids each picked a clear ornament and started experimenting with the different colors of washi tape. Washi tape is easy to rip, but my kids liked using their scissors.
Washi Tape Ornaments
The beauty of this project is that the tape is easy to take off and on to reposition.  And it didnâ��t really matter if the kids created a patternâ��all of the ornaments looked festive and fun!
Washi Tape Ornaments
My son was pretty excited about his creation.  And even more excited after I tied a string on the ornament and let him hang his bauble up on our tree!
Washi Tape Ornaments
And for more funâ�¦ my daughter started improvising after we were finished by finding things around the house to stuff inside the clear ornaments.  Have fun creating!




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