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Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

Coffee Filter Hydrangeas
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: <30 mins

Activity Designer

Melissa Allen
400 Projects
Coffee filters are always in our art cabinet. There are so many ways you can create with them. I think what we like best about working with them is the way they absorb watercolors. It really is so beautiful. On this day we were feeling inspired by our favorite flower, hydrangeas.

How We Did It

Coffee Filter Hydrangeas
Watercolor paints seem to stay put on our art table. They are such a great material for the whole family to use together. We gathered a couple other things and got to work on our beautiful bouquet.
Coffee Filter Hydrangeas
First we folded each coffee filter in half and stacked them in a pile for each flower. We used about 7 for the largest flower and 3 for the smallest.
Coffee Filter Hydrangeas
Next, we folded each pile in half again and gave the bottom a little twist to stay together.
Coffee Filter Hydrangeas

We used green pipe cleaner to twist around the bottom and hold everything together while also becoming our perfect flower stem. You could also go for a stronger stem and use some real sticks along with a little masking tape.

Coffee Filter Hydrangeas
Once our flowers were done it was time to add some color! The kids used watercolors just on the edges to look like hydrangeas. With just a touch of the brush the color spreads along the edge of the "petals." It is really beautiful to see.
Coffee Filter Hydrangeas
We made a little bouquet when we were done and placed them in a small vase. These would be really sweet for Mother's Day. I know I would love them!


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My child and I completed Coffee Filter Hydrangeas.

posted by: Janelle on 4.15.2013

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