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Lego Puzzle Cards

Lego Puzzle Cards
Messiness: Low
Age Range: 3y - 9y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Ryan Pilat
25 Projects

For my six-year-old, the best toy is a brand-new LEGO set to build. He loves to carefully follow the instructions, which is why I was so excited to find these instructions for DIY LEGO Instruction Books from Kids Activities Blog. For my little building fans, this is a great activity to bring the energy level down and focus-- for a little while, at least!

How We Did It

Lego Puzzle Cards
I created two sets of cards so the game would be fun for both my kids. I just photographed on a light background and printed on cardstock. Printing the pictures at 4 by 6 inches gave me roughly life-size LEGO shapes.
Lego Puzzle Cards
For my 3-year-old, I created some simple shapes out of Duplo blocks. And for my car-obsessed 6-year-old, I grabbed some of the little vehicles from our LEGO bin.
Lego Puzzle Cards
Then I turned the kids loose with their puzzle cards. My 6-year-old raced through building each one and then asked for more. We'll definitely be bringing out our puzzle cards again for pre-dinner playtime!


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We took pictures of lego structures with the ipad and put them on the icloud. Then, they were up on the tv, and we could make 100 cards at no cost and keep changing them up as he mastered each level. You could also just do it with your phone, etc....This entertained him for HOURS. Thank you!!!

posted by: Sarah on 1.17.2014

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I love this idea! I can not wait to try it out. Thank you so, so much for posting!

posted by: Jody on 4.5.2013

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This is genious! Can't wait to try this!

posted by: Yael on 10.16.2012

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