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Easy Kool-Aid Painting

Easy Kool-Aid Painting
Messiness: High
Age Range: 2y - 9y
Estimated Time: <1 hour

Activity Designer

Yael Valek
21 Projects

Here's an edible painting medium to try: for some scratch n sniff painting fun, just mix a high concentration of KoolAid with a little water in a bowl. Dip your paintbrush and start painting your way to a berry good time (sorry)!

How We Did It

Easy Kool-Aid Painting

We tested three flavors: cherry, grape, and lemonade. Cherry and grape performed best -- lemonade needs a really high concentration to not be washed out.

Easy Kool-Aid Painting
In order to really embrace this activity, we first drank the KoolAid (needs added sugar).
Easy Kool-Aid Painting
My son really liked the idea of painting with something that he had just tasted.
Easy Kool-Aid Painting
He spent a lot of time smelling his painting in progress. So much so that he got a little red nose!
Easy Kool-Aid Painting

And here is the final product, ready to be hung in a museum -- one where it's ok to smell the paintings. We spend so much time warning kids not to ingest their art materials that it's a nice change of pace to paint with a drink and produce something that's fun to smell. Caveat: KoolAid stains so protect your table and clothes!


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