Schools & Groups

Looking to purchase Kiwi Crate projects or subscriptions for your school, group, event, or organization? Please check out the various programs we offer for schools below.

If you have any more questions, please review our Schools and Groups FAQ.

Bulk Discount

Get a discount when you buy our products in bulk. The more you buy, the greater the discount! You can purchase a Group Subscription for your classroom, after school program, home school, or playgroup. Alternatively, you can purchase individual crates from our Shop in bulk for your classroom, party, or group event.

Approved Vendor

Want to purchase Kiwi Crate or Tinker Crate subscriptions with school funding for your Charter School? Help us become an approved vendor for your school! Learn more.


Looking for great way to raise money for your school, PTA, or scouting troop? Kiwi Crate can help.


We love teachers! If you are looking to purchase either our single crates or subscriptions in bulk for your classroom, we do offer bulk discounts. If you would like to purchase one subscription or single crate to give Kiwi Crate a try, please fill out the form this page to receive your teacher discount.
Yes, whether you want to purchase for your classroom, after school program, library, or scouting troop, we can help. If you want to purchase a group subscription for your classroom or group, please fill out this form . If you want to purchase individual project crates in bulk, please fill out this form.
Yes, whether you are interest in the Common Core or the Next Generation Science Standards, you can find many products that align with the standards. We are working on an easy way for you to find these products. In the mean time, please browse the Kiwi Crate Shop and Tinker Crate Shop for products that will work for your specific needs.
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