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Shadow and Light

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Have fun with light! Play with shadow puppets and build a kaleidoscope.

All the materials
are included to create:

Shadow Puppets

Create moveable puppets and use a hand-crank flashlight to put on a show.


Design a colorful kaleidoscope, then spin to watch the colors move and change .

Experiment Cards

Learn all about shadow and light with the included experiment cards.

Customer Feedback

"Loved how it involved imagination in story telling through a non-traditional puppet. And it demonstrated the power of shadow and light. Loved demonstrating how to manipulate light and shadow using the puppets and hands and other objects. Kaleidoscope was easy to make and use and showed how color plans into the light and shadow. Really great project! I truly recommend this to ALL my friends, it's just brilliant!

Lara C., via email

"We've had the MOST fun with this crate - it's been our favorite Kiwi crate of all! the kaleidoscope was a fun-tastic idea! and we've had a blast with the shadow puppets."

erin c., via email