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Wind Power

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Explore and measure the wind! Build a wind-powered car, design a wind sock, and conduct wind experiments.

All the materials
are included to create:

Wind Sock

Design your own wind sock and learn how scientists measure the wind.

Wind Car

Build two wind-powered race cars and race with a friend!

Explore More

Conduct a wind experiment and check out bonus online material specially created for this crate.

Customer Feedback

"I liked that it required a minimal amount of my help for my son to build his projects; so he really had the feeling of ownership. Also, I was really happy with the meshing of art and science. I wish I had known about Kiwi crate sooner!"

Maureen, via email

"The care that went into putting the projects together,the presentation was "AWESOME". The quality of the art supplies and booklets is top notch! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! We are looking forward to the next crate :) As a teacher and parent I am impressed and share with everyone and anyone how great Kiwi Crate is! Thank you!"

Stacy J., via email