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How do you curate the flood of artwork without chucking it all?

My kids make so many projects at home and at school. How do you decide what to keep and how do you store them or display them?

by: Heidi on 11.13.2012



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I use the app Artkive where I take a picture of the art and then I can turn it into a hardcover book at the end of the year!

posted by: Katherine on 11.20.2012

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It definitely takes a little more time and effort to do this possible solution - but I was reading online about how some parents make scrap books filled with their child's artwork. It seemed like a nice idea!

posted by: Laura on 11.13.2012

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Yes! Great question that I think so many parents struggle with! Found this Pinterest board that I think will be helpful on display ideas:

posted by: Jen on 11.13.2012

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I totally know what you mean! When I was younger, my mom kept nearly all my art projects and they are sitting in a few dusty boxes in the attic now...just taking up space. But it is fun to go through them sometimes. I think it might be nice to take really nice photos of all the different projects and put them in a scrapbook.

posted by: Kristen on 11.13.2012

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