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Looking for christmas card ideas for kids

My daughter is sending her own christmas cards this year (just to a few friends and to her teachers). Got any kid-friendly ideas?

by: Shelley on 12.7.2012



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just saw this the other day: http://pinterest.com/pin/243827767297203710/ - DIY Holiday Paper Reindeer Postcard & Tag » Eat Drink Chic

posted by: Kristen on 12.8.2012

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how old is your daughter? these could work for an older child: http://pinterest.com/pin/243827767297074667/

posted by: Elisa on 12.7.2012

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Letter pasta is great for card-making...plus kids get to practice spelling. :) Good luck! http://www.kiwicrate.com/projects/Letter-Pasta-Art/732

posted by: Mary on 12.7.2012

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