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The Time Traveler Series
Fall back in time with Kiwi Crate!
  • Each crate includes 2-3 hands-on projects, perfect for kids ages 3-8.
  • Learn more with Kiwi Crate's explore! magazine filled with bonus activities, kid-friendly recipes and more surprises!
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Wild West
Saddle up and gather your partners
for a wild western adventure
My Cattle Roundup
Make your own cattle bean bags, then help Steve the Kiwi wrangle them in a bean bag toss game.
My Hobby Horse
Make and decorate your own stuffed hobby horse, and ride it on a wild west adventure.
Explore!  Magazine
Learn about different jobs people had in the Wild West, and turn an old necktie into a rattlesnake.
Discovering Dinosaurs
Explore the prehistoric era for fun
that’s larger than life
My Dinosaur Dress-Up
Decorate a fun dino visor & huge dino feet and stomp around like a dinosaur or play a game of dino tag.
My Dinosaur Fossils
Arrange dinosaur "bones" into different dinosaur skeletons, and use clay to create your own fossils.
Explore!  Magazine
Explore how paleontologists discover dinosaur bones and learn to make fossils you can dig up yourself.