5 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School

Whether you’ve been back a few weeks or are getting ready to head back soon,  Back to School can be exciting, challenging and a bit chaotic. Start this school year off right by getting organized early on with these ideas and printables!

1) Plan your day!

Planning out a routine for each day is helpful in getting kids on board and organized early. Have them track the days with their very own mini desk calendar.

Back to School Printables

2) Plan your week!

Having a peek at the week is a great way to get yourself organized week after week. We love showcasing this on our refrigerator!


3) Save your School Supplies!

Help your kids become organized at school by using printable name labels for their notebooks.



4) Have a Recipe for Lunchtime Success!

Enjoy this 5-day school lunch plan that you can print easily! It includes a menu, recipes, and a shopping list. Surprise your kids with lunch notes on a banana, a napkin, a photo or a printable card.


5) Make Way for Masterpieces!

With the start of school comes lots of art, math and science creations. Make way for these masterpieces in your house so you can feature your kids’ work and have it organized before the school work starts trickling home.

art make room

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