Wind Power | Blowing in the Wind

Try this easy outdoor experiment to see what you can catch flying in the wind!

Wind Catch Experiment Wind Power | Blowing in the Wind')">

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I'm mom to two funny, silly, noisy boys (age 3 and 6) who are mostly best friends and occasionally worst enemies. I love doing all sorts of creative activities with my kids, but I'm especially enthusiastic about kid-friendly science experiments - the messier, the better!
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What you need: Piece of cardboard or cardstock, yarn or twine, petroleum jelly

What you do:

  1. Picture of cards Punch a hole in the card and tie onto a tree branch or gate with the twine. I decided to hang three cards to see if we got different results in different locations.
  2. Picture of card in the wind Smear the petroleum jelly over one side of the card, and leave out in the wind. If you like, make a prediction of how much you think you'll catch in each location.
  3. Picture of results Return in an hour or two and see what was blowing in the wind!  Write up a chart and use it to help compare what you predicted with what actually happened.  Writing down predictions is always a good lead-in to discussions about the things you got wrong and why!

Questions to explore:

  • Many plants use the wind to spread their seeds.  Did you find any "flying" seeds in your catcher?
  • What happens if you put one card in a very windy spot and one card in a sheltered spot? Which card picks up more?